FEBRUARY 25, 2020 to
MARCH 8, 2020
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The Private Apple

Parasol Projects @ 251 Elizabeth Street

The Private Apple @ 251 Elizabeth St
February 25 – March 8, 2020 | 10:30am – 8pm

The Private Apple showcases incredible Brazilian, Latin American, and European brands curated by Nana Cunha & Paula Gartenkraut. The Brazilian-born founders are known for their creative approach to fashion and styling. They encourage women to spice up their wardrobes with bold pieces that ‘spark joy’ while showing how to optimize their closets. Their mantra is ‘have fun and feel good’ about who you are and what you are wearing, with colorful pieces, unique prints, and fun accessories.

The duo loves entertaining and promoting events, whether it’s pop-up stores, trunk shows, or even private events at client’s homes. The Private Apple events go beyond shopping and are all about empowering women, often with lectures and workshops discussing relevant issues. The idea is to create a warm environment where women feel comfortable to explore their style.

They currently offer an amazing complimentary service for clients in the greater New York City and Connecticut areas: The Suitcase: A selection of items personally curated by Nana and Paula with the client’s style, size and needs in mind, delivered to their door. The client has 48 hours to try on everything in the comfort of her home and will only be charged for the pieces that she decides to keep.

When you meet Nana and Paula, you understand that a woman doesn’t have to look like a model to feel good and rock fashion-forward styles.  “Even our most basic and conservative clients learn to introduce a new color or accessory in their wardrobe that they haven’t thought of before. I love daring and stimulating people to try new things”, says Nana.

Most brands available at The Private Apple are up-and-coming designers not usually found in US stores, with limited edition pieces. Some of the more exclusive items can be pre-ordered before the collections are officially launched on the website as well. Another great reason to shop at The Private Apple is that the brands that they carry are made by women entrepreneurs that incorporate sustainability and social responsibility in their production.

For additional information visit, www.theprivateapple.com

Contact info:

IG: @theprivateapple
FB: @ThePrivateApple


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