APRIL 30, 2019 to
MAY 5, 2019
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Parasol Projects @ 171 Elizabeth St

Bagtazo @ 171 Elizabeth St.
April 30 – May 5, 2019  |  10 am – 8 pm

Everything in Bagtazo’s collections are limited. Some objects are handmade or hand-finished in Bagtazo’s studio. Bagtazo is made in part by manufacturers in New York City, California,New England, and the Mid-Atlantic. (But everyone and a wile Bagtazo makes special berets, which of course, are made in France)

Bagtazo is a family surname from the Philippines, Êselected in homage to Coco’s Grandmother, a woman who walks the line between tradition and modernity, which is the core ethos behind Bagtazo’s designs.

Est 2014

A Manufacturing Promise

Anything made outside of my studio is produced with people that I consider essential to Bagtazo. I am proud to say that I manufacture in the USA, and that I work with a network of small Businesses to make this happen. From paper printers and leather sellers, to sewing houses, hat factories and metalsmiths, everyone I work with is independently owned and operated. I feel strongly about working with manufacturers in the US because that factory workers are the glue that holds our entire society and economy together.

I have also been an environmentalist since I was a child. For this reason I work with materials of verifiable sources, and continually strive towards building the most sustainable business I can. While Bagtazo may change over the years, these are my core values. For lack of better words this is my promise to myself, my working partners, and all Bagtazo customers forever and ever. Amen.

– Coco


Past Pop-Ups:

Bagtazo @ Parasol Projects – 171 Elizabeth St
September 19  23, 2018