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Four Destinations To Visit In the West Village NYC

Parasol Projects is back again with our Local Flair spotlight. Back in March and April, we gave some love and attention to Nolita and The Bowery. From art galleries to bookstores to clothing stores and ice cream shops, our catalog of local attractions left no stone unturned.

This time, we’ll focus on the iconic West Village in NYC. Known as the western section of the larger Greenwich Village neighborhood, the streets of West Village are decorated with Federal-style townhouses and cobblestone sidewalks. Not to mention designer clothing boutiques, trendy restaurants and bars, and our all-white, classy 300 Bleecker St. storefront.

Jeju Noodle Bar

Parasol Projects - West Village NYC landmark - Jeju Noodle Bar

Source: @jejunoodlebar

Whether you are a fan of Korean food or not, the Jeju Noodle Bar will not disappoint your inner foodie. Moreover, it’s a one-Michelin Star restaurant with affordable prices and delicious food? Sign us up! Their specialty is ramyun and other classic Korean starters, ranging from fried chicken and ribs to bokkeum, hwe, and ssambap.

This top-notch, swanky and upscale establishment has also been featured in the New York Times and Insider. Many of their customers claim that their toro ssambap is to die for. The toro ssambap has every seafood lover’s favorites in a single dish: fatty tuna, scrambled eggs, tobiko rice, toasted seaweed, and Kaluga caviar. They are not accepting walk-ins now, so plan ahead and make a reservation before your visit.

Joe’s Pizza

Parasol Projects - West Village NYC landmark - Joe's Pizza

Source: The Pizza Snob

We can all agree that the classic NYC cheese pizza slice is one of the biggest hallmarks of New York. You can find it around almost every street corner and grab one to-go, fresh out of the oven in less than a minute. In the afternoon, herds of school-aged children and teens can be found crowding in front of pizzerias.

Among all of them, you will find Joe’s Pizza on 7 Carmine Street. Opened in 1975 by Joe Pozzuoli, the pizzeria has been serving West Village locals for decades and delivering the authentic NYC pizzeria experience to tourists.

With 4.5 stars and 6,740 Google Reviews, their famous $2 slice made an appearance on one of Buzzfeed’s Worth It New York episodes. Co-host Andrew Ilnyckyj describes the slice as “what you’d hope every piece of pizza is gonna taste like.”

The Stonewall Inn

Parasol Projects - West Village NYC landmark - The Stonewall Inn

Source: Google Maps

The Stonewall Inn, the birthplace of the gay rights movement, is a must-see destination for any member of the LGBTQ+ community or an ally. In decades past, it was one of the few gay bars in Greenwich Village where customers could express themselves freely and dance in the open.

Whether you are familiar with LGBTQ+ history, notably the Stonewall Riots of 1969, or seeking a fun night out with drinks – the Stonewall Inn has you covered with its cozy, quaint ambiance and extensive selection of alcoholic beverages. Nearby, you will also find the New York Aids Memorial along Greenwich Avenue.

Whitney Museum of American Art

Parasol Projects - West Village NYC landmark - The Whitney Museum of American Art

Source: Whitney | About

True to its name, the Whitney Museum of American Art is known for one of the world’s largest collections of American art, preceded by the Smithsonian American Art Museum. Designed by Italian architect Renzo Piano, this nine-story building is approximately 63,000 square feet of industrial-style, glass-paned indoor art galleries and outdoor exhibition space. They are ranked #6 on Timeout’s “The 32 Best Art Museums in America.” 

Within its walls, you will find over 25,000 20th and 21st-century artworks created by more than 3,600 American artists – such as Alexander Calder, Andy Warhol, and Gertrude Abercrombie. General admission tickets start at $25 for adults and $18 for seniors. If you are 18 years old or younger, entry is free-of-charge.