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Six Must-See Places in The Bowery NYC

Bowery, also commonly known as The Bowery, and originally Bouwerie Road means “farm” in old Dutch and is one of New York City’s oldest streets. Now, it’s a center for culture, history, and commerce. Studded with historical landmarks including opera houses, banks, murals, theaters, and museums. Here, diverse crowds of people soak in the historic ambiance that this decorated neighborhood has to offer.  Here are our favorite locations in this historic street/neighborhood:

1. 190 Bowery

Parasol Projects - The Bowery NYC landmark - 190 Bowery

Source: Yelp

This famous, oddly shaped, iconic corner building is decorated with years of stunning graffiti that fortunately avoided erasure when the building was classified as an “interesting showing of art” by Commissioner Frederick Bland as well as a “real testament to the layering that preservationists seek.” Native New Yorkers and tourists alike can go see this beautiful representation of graphic history while shopping at the popular streetwear clothing store inside, Supreme.

2. John Varvatos Store – 315 Bowery

Parasol Projects - The Bowery NYC landmark - John Varvatos NYC

Source: TimeOut

If you are passionate about modern men’s fashion and music history, this is a key store to visit. Here you’ll find a fine selection of shirts, jackets, graphic tees, and jeans conceived by iconic designer John Varvatos. Located on 315 Bowery, this men’s designer clothing store previously was home to the iconic music club CBGB, the birthplace of New York City punk and hardcore. Here, try on Varvatos’ leather jackets while listening to vintage vinyl records and soaking in the metal vibes.

3. Bowery Hotel – 335 Bowery

Parasol Projects - The Bowery NYC landmark - Bowery Hotel

Source: @boweryhotel

Embodying the sophistication of the modern Lower East Side, this hotel offers luxurious accommodations ranging from cozy single-bed lodgings to stylish, refined penthouse terrace suites. The surrounding neighborhood offers a wide range of attractions, ranging from galleries and museums to theater and film venues. Deemed by the Huffington Post as a “hidden gem amongst most spaces in the city”, this hotel offers much more than a place to stay. Its visitors see it as a launchpad to New York City, and with Parasol pop-up locations right outside, the potential connection is clear!

4. Sperone Westwater Gallery – 257 Bowery

Parasol Projects - The Bowery NYC landmark - Sperone Westwater Gallery

Source: Sperone Westwater Gallery

The Sperone Westwater Art Gallery is a major destination for your contemporary art needs. Established in 1975, this gallery had its first show on Greene Street highlighting the work of minimalist artist, Carl Andre. Over the years, the gallery has exhibited timeless art pieces conceptualized by numerous talented virtuosos, including Guillermo Kuitca, Otto Piene, and Julian Schnabel. As of September 2010, Sperone is a prime destination to experience international artwork in Bowery. It sits alongside other iconic art museums and galleries and alongside Parasol pop-up spaces.

5. Morgenstern’s Ice Cream – 2 Rivington St.

Parasol Projects - The Bowery NYC landmark - Morgenstern's Ice Cream

Source: @morgensternsnyc

Did someone say ice cream? Morgenstern’s Ice Cream, known for its adventurous take on this classic treat, will keep you cool, calm, and collected with offbeat ice cream flavors, a colorful medley of jams and toppings, and All American Cuisine. Their latest concoction is the UNA Collection, a fruit of labor borne out of a collaboration with UNA Pizza Napoletana’s Anthony Mangieri. Who knew that ricotta ice cream with candied fruits and nuts could work? Order today from their expansive menu either for pick-up or nationwide shipping!

6. Capitale – 130 Bowery

Parasol Projects - The Bowery NYC landmark - Capitale

Source: Capitale NY

Look up the word “elegance” in the dictionary and you will find pictures of Capitale, Bowery’s grand ballroom event venue. This historical Bowery landmark used to be known as the Bowery Savings Bank (now a part of Capital One Bank). This ballroom’s interior showcases a magnificent arched ceiling with a skylight that throws shade at the 40,000 square foot space described as the “Best Ballroom” on the East Coast by BizBash.