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OCTOBER 20, 2019
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Vanessa Stockard: ‘Enchanted’

Parasol Projects @ 171 Elizabeth St

Vanessa Stockard: Enchanted @ 171 Elizabeth
October 15 – 21, 2019  |  11 am – 8 pm


Reliving my childhood through the eyes of my three year old daughter has inspired a creative bloom in the studio. 

There is a solar powered fairy house that we wave goodnight to on the way to bedtime stories where we choose from a large book of nursery rhymes.

Fairytales appeal to my penchant for contrasting sweetness and monstrous dark. My work often explores the idea of retaining innocence within a world that is often not. 

Keeping wonder and magic alive as an adult can seem difficult, especially if you are subjected to daily mainstream media. Unlike a fairytale, you only hear of the monster behind the bedroom door.

Each night I watch my daughter on the baby monitor whilst I have dinner with my husband. She looks so beautiful and peaceful. It is these these images that have brought about the sleeping beauty series.

I tend to paint what I know and what is closest to me.

Kevin, one of my feline characters, explores Baroque furniture with all its fine silks and giltwood. He is unaware of the shredding opportunities surrounding him as he explores the candy hued topography alone.

His father, Satan has proved unsuccessful in teaching young Kevin the dark arts of destruction.

Enchanted is a show that I hope invigorates the memory of youth and of a time where we believed in Santa and the Easter Bunny.


More detail on the collection is available on request.

For more information contact Beulah@vanrensburg-galleries.com or call +1 347 247 8809


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