FEBRUARY 25, 2022 to
MARCH 6, 2022
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The Artist Died Poor

Parasol Projects @ 515 W 23rd Street

Plutonic presents “The Artist Died Poor”  @ 515 W 23rd Street
January 25 – March 6 2022 |  11am – 6 pm

THE ARTIST DIED POOR is a multidisciplinary NFT exhibition named to celebrate the revolutionary concept that only blockchain can bring to art – specifically that artists can now program royalties into their NFTs by way of “smart contracts” and for the first time ever, continue to infinitely benefit from the success of their work when it is re-sold on-chain. An opportunity reimagined for the future Van Goghs and Vermeers and any other artists who died penniless while their collectors reaped all rewards.

The curation includes both physical and digital representations of the artist’s work and intends to explore the various ways the two spheres (the physical and metaverse) will assimilate or co-exist. Live events will be produced to enhance the visceral experience of in-person connection, while some will also be live-streamed to a virtual audience.

THE ARTIST DIED POOR intends to address philosophical inquiry regarding how interpersonal connections have and will continue to change as we shift further from the public (in-person) to private (web/metaverse) realm.

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