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JULY 12, 2018 to
JULY 15, 2018
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PLS Reply? – RISD MFA Sculpture 18′ Exhibition

Parasol Projects @ 208 Bowery
RISD MFA Sculpture ‘18 presents PLS Reply? 

Featured Artists: Julia Gutman, Corwyn Lund, Maria Eugenia Moya, and Laura Thatcher

Shared challenges are social glues. When four artists experience stress, anxiety, excitement, doubt, and exhaustion together over the course of two years, seemingly unbreakable bonds are formed. Influencing and supporting each other’s work makes for collective progression, language, and sensibilities.

Now time and distance are creeping in. People move on, forming new bonds with new peers in new spaces. Our connections with distant peers become increasingly tenuous. We reach out in an attempt to keep old bonds alive. But eventually, someone is left hanging with a text that reads: “PLS Reply?”


208 Bowery
Opening Reception Thursday: July 12 / 7-9 pm
July 12 – 16



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