JULY 16, 2018 to
JULY 29, 2018
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Parasol Projects @ 171 Elizabeth St

Fashion celebrating the quirky singularity of life, so in harmony with nature it can be composted in your organic garden – that is Olderbrother. Our natural dyes are healthy for your body and the environment. Like a seasoned hiker, we work to leave no footprint behind us. Our textile range includes organic cotton from Japanese farms, unique blends of wool and woven rice paper, and linen from the flax fields in Japan’s cooler climates – once the source of Imperial ceremonial robes. Whether called a mentor, a friend or an older brother, we hope everyone has a person who walks ahead on the path, someone with a hand ready for you. That attentiveness, that feeling that someone is invested in your path, is the larger story that motivates Olderbrother.

171 Elizabeth

July 18-29 | 11 am – 7 pm


Past Pop-Ups:

Olderbrother @ Parasol Projects – 171 Elizabeth St
September 13 – 17, 2017