SEPTEMBER 21, 2020 to
NOVEMBER 4, 2020
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Parasol Projects @ 300 Bleecker St

Knickerbocker @ 300 Bleecker

Sep 21 – Nov 18 at 6 PM | Tuesday Through Saturday : 1 PM – 9 pm


Knickerbocker is a factory born brand. Knickerbocker’s start came in 2012 at the heels of what was left of a 60 year old manufacturing company by the name of Watman Headwear Corp. The goal was simple then and remains so today. We believe in transparency and sustainability. It is our responsibility to the consumer, to the environment and to the industry to operate in such manner. Often times we felt guilt ridden for bringing more clothes to the marketplace. We decided in the beginning that if we are going to have a go at this we need to do it in a way that we can be proud of and to ultimately inspire others to do the same. We set out to build a community. We needed to be part of bringing together like-minded individuals who would challenge the industry’s status quo and support a movement towards responsible supply chain solutions around the world.

The factory served as our voice and became a platform for setting such standards. It was our lab so to speak. A place to design, learn from mistakes and nurture our brand’s foundation. From the voice of our workers to the sounds of our humming machines we garnered respect for the process and the people who are a part of that process. Outside of the factory we put initiatives in place and the research was done to make sure no corners were cut. To the best of our ability we made sure our supply chain partners shared a similar set of principles. Often it is difficult to track every raw material back to its uncut origin in such a highly intricate chain. With the information we have at hand let it be known that we stand behind our partners and their stance on sustainability as well.

Producing in America has always been a priority and a core value of ours. We are proud of where we come from. With this in mind we must also not lose site of our goal in having minimal negative impact on the environment, a strong standard for working conditions and creating sustainable product.

The ultimate goal will always remain being 100% ‘Made In America’. To work towards this we will do our best to champion more sustainable and environmentally friendly production processes along with the potential for greater product development capability here in America.


Contact Info: eitan@knickerbocker.nyc | +19174324398

Instagram: @knickerbocker

Website: Knickerbocker.nyc