MARCH 29, 2023 to
APRIL 23, 2023
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Kiley Court Gallery

Parasol Projects @ 21 Spring St.

Kiley Court Gallery @ 21 Spring
March 29 – April 23, 2023  |  10pm – 6pm

Exhibition of father and son painters, Robert Cardinal and Julian Cardinal.

Robert Cardinal, a Montreal native, opened Kiley Court Gallery in Provincetown, MA in 1991. Over several decades he has become recognized for a distinct painting style that elevates the simplistic Cape Cod and Vermont landscape with a bold use of color and light. Julian Cardinal, born and raised on Cape Cod, began painting in 2011 and has developed a more abstract style, focusing mainly on figures and florals. His bright colors and dramatic brushstrokes evoke movement throughout the canvas. The father and son duo will bring their bright palettes and range of subjects to New York City this Spring, demonstrating how their differing styles simultaneously stand alone and complement each other.

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Website: kileycourtgallery.com
Instagram: @kileycourtgallery, @juliancardinal