SEPTEMBER 27, 2017 to
OCTOBER 8, 2017
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Justin Stutzman: Catch The Wind

Parasol Projects @ 171 Elizabeth St

I have always been impressed with the buzzard. It is a large scavenging bird that catches thermals in order to glide thousands of feet above the ground without using up precious energy by flapping.  Scientists have long known that thermal soaring requires complex decision making within the turbulent environment of a rising column of warm air from the earth, but have yet to fully understand how this bird is so efficient at catching and utilizing the wind.

To catch the wind; despite its challenge, is necessary for soaring

New works consist of plaster, oil, and mixed media on canvas

– Justin Stutzman

171 Elizabeth St
Sept 27- Oct 08 / 11am-7pm
Opening Night: September 28/ 6-8pm