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JUNE 26, 2018 to
JULY 1, 2018
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Jane Sinclair: Memories of Things I’ve Seen

Parasol Projects @ 208 Bowery
Memories of Things I’ve Seen 

Memories of Things I’ve Seen is a study in abstract geometry and urban topology referencing Jane’s life in Australia as well as her experience in New York City. Jane grew up on the Mornington Peninsula in a house designed by her father. This house was in itself a study of contemporary modernism with sunken conversation pits and hidden sliding doors. This exposed Jane to the richness of modernism, the possibility of abstract storytelling and heavily influenced her perspective on Art, Architecture, and Design. “My work is not about geometric perfection. It is actually optically imperfect. I am interested in allowing anyone who views the work to see my process and to question the geometry.”

Memories of Things I’ve Seen is a collection of works on canvas, wood, and paper that graphically integrate her vivid memories of landscape, shape, color, and form.

208 Bowery

June 27 – July 1 / 11 am – 9 pm