APRIL 14, 2022 to
APRIL 17, 2022
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Hospital Gift Shop

Parasol Projects @ 2 Rivington Street

Hospital Gift Shop by Against Medical Advice @ 2 Rivington
April 14 – 17, 2022  |  12pm – 7pm

Against Medical Advice is a lifestyle brand founded by Registered Nurse, Oluwole Olosunde BSN. A figurative interpretation of the medical term which means to leave the hospital against the orders of staff & scientific research.

Olosunde repurposes the phrase as a reminder that only you are in charge of creating your narrative. It’s a reminder that you can accomplish whatever you want regardless of how different society may view you. He lives this sentiment as Oluwole skipped two grades and went on to attain his Bachelors in Nursing from University at Buffalo at 20 years old but then established himself as a designer by founding AMA shortly after.

In every piece, Olosunde takes the knowledge gained while working as a nurse and creates art inspired by the lessons of anatomy, biology, and his world of healthcare as a whole. Teaching science through the garments but also his own crash course in brand production by utilizing social media to show the process behind being a designer without a formal fashion background.

AMA sees education, knowledge, community & culture as the vertebra that create the backbone of society and its mission is to create art or healthcare initiatives that uplift those ethos. Founded in 2019, “Hospital Gift Shop” will be AMA’s first pop up retail space.

Contact info
Website: againstmedicaladvice.org
Instagram: @againstmedicaladvicenyc by @Guacawole