JULY 12, 2018 to
JULY 15, 2018
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Hommes Oil Company (HOMOCO)

Parasol Projects @ 251 Elizabeth Street


Daniel DuGoff introduces Hommes Oil Company, a size-inclusive brand designed for, and in support of, the queer community and beyond.

Acclaimed queer designer Daniel DuGoff announces the launch of the Hommes Oil Company (HOMOCO), a sustainable direct-to-consumer swimwear brand designed to celebrate inclusion and body positivity.

“As a proud gay man living in New York City, I hope to be able to represent the full spectrum of the queer community,” says the designer. “I’m thrilled to launch this project during Pride month as a statement of empowerment, visibility and inclusivity.”

Upending the swimwear category, which speaks to gay men through a narrowly defined aesthetic (usually white, usually muscled), DuGoff’s mission is to celebrate a range of sexual identities, shapes, and sizes found throughout a newly vocal and newly empowered queer community. HOMOCO’s driving philosophy is one that celebrates body positivity and size inclusivity.

Soft launching for Summer 2018, HOMOCO will engage directly with the queer community through an online store, through social media and with a series of activations in New York City, Fire Island Pines, and Provincetown. While the collection itself is inspired by a spirit of fun and dreams of endless summers, a critical part of the brand will be philanthropy. DuGoff will partner with several non-profits to help funnel a portion of proceeds to groups supporting queer rights and sustainability. Among the partners will be Voices4, the New York-based queer activist group and one of the leading organizations advancing awareness and advocacy for the LGBTQIA+ community, with more non-profit partners to follow.

The swim trunks will come in exhilarating patterns and are made of innovative, sustainable materials such as polyester extracted from recycled water bottles. Fairly priced and democratically sized, the trunks will come in a reusable zip pouch.

The inaugural style (measuring a short but not-quite-scandalous inseam of just under 4”) will come in three different prints. The first will feature an oil can, the second intertwined gas nozzles, and the third brightly colored vintage gasoline trucks – all a nod and cheeky reference to the gas station business DuGoff’s great-grandparents operated during the Depression. That company, a conservative concern called the Homes Oil Company, went by the moniker HOMOCO and served as the perfect inspiration for DuGoff’s quest to make an impact.

The trunks, along with a range of T-shirts and hats, will be available at the Hommes Oil Company Pop-Up.

251 Elizabeth St
July 12 – 15 | 11 am – 8 pm