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APRIL 17, 2018 to
APRIL 22, 2018
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“Get On Top” Pop-Up with Sustain Natural

Parasol Projects @ 208 Bowery

“From April 17-April 22, NYC will get the chance to visit the “Get On Top” pop-up from Sustain Natural, a natural sexual wellness brand that offers all-natural and organic tampons, condoms, lubricant, and wipes. They’ve been changing the period game by offering bio-degradable plant-based tampon applicators and manufacturing products that are paraben-free and without any animal byproducts or synthetical fragrances. And, when you consider that tampons and condoms go inside of you, I think removing all that stuff is a pretty easy idea to get behind.

The pop-up is opening to celebrate a new book from Meika Hollender, co-founder, and CEO of Sustain Naturalcalled Get On Topwhich is a sex-positive, pleasure-positive, and safety-conscious look at everything from periods to consent — and the events at the pop-up will be celebrating the topics covered in the book. Basically, you get five days of vagina goodness.

After building Sustain Natural for nearly four years and seeing how it sparked conversations about sexual health, Hollender was inspired to create a space for women IRL to come together and talk about sexual health.”

Source: A Vagina Pop-Up Is Coming To NYC On April 17 & It’s the NSFW Event of your Dreams

208 Bowery

April 17 – 22 / 12 pm – 6 pm (Retail), 6 pm – 9 pm (Events)

April 18: Pleasure Pow-Wow ft. Asa Akira presented by Dame Products
April 19: We Met at Acme Live Podcast Recording
April 19: Dating & Consent by Killer and a Sweet Thang
April: 20: Sustain x PERIOD.org Packing Party
April 20: Alternative PMS Management with FLO Living & The YinOva Center

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Pleasure Pow Wow

Period Day Packing Party



Photos by Mirra Studio