JUNE 1, 2019 to
AUGUST 8, 2019
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Everybody Knows Bob

Parasol Projects @ 78 Grand St

Everybody Knows Bob @ 78 Grand
June 1 – August 8, 2019  | 10:30am – 7:30pm

Everybody Knows Bob is the first ever experiential exhibit that presents pop art in the form of mass entertainment. The exhibit is a seamless fusion of fine art and interactive installations. Collaborating with artist Raphael Zhou, this show not only features original paintings and sculptures of Bob but also stage scenes where people can dive in and turn the swag on.

In this exhibit you will find a giant pink rose throne floating in the air, a vault with one hundred million dollar cash piling up, a mystery restroom that can energize your body, and so much more. You can ask why Bob has a rafflesia flower head, talk to his teeny-tiny friend Bee, and oh…try to catch the dwarf unicorn!

More about Bob:

Bob is a fictional character created with a rafflesia flower head on top of human body. He always wears a pair of slippers; he is a little fat but he doesn’t care. Beneath his rough appearance and sharp teeth you can somehow feel his soft heart and curiosity about the world.

*Rafflesia Bobii, commonly called Bob, is the only known remaining member of the family Rafflesiahominidae, who has a combination of human body and rafflesia flower head.

General Admission $28

              20% Off Code: BOB20 (valid through 6/10)

Contact Info:
Instagram: @everybody_knows_bob
Facebook: @everybodyknowsbob