JULY 23, 2018 to
JULY 30, 2018
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Atolla Skin Lab

Parasol Projects @ 251 Elizabeth Street

Atolla Skin Lab is MIT-based startup that is designing the future of skincare retail. They leverage machine learning to deliver customized skincare products using an individual’s actual skin data. Part of who they are is an immersive retail experience informing people about their skin and what to use and not use, using their machine learning algorithm.  Additionally, they can create personalized products based on the needs of your skin as it changes.

The mission of Atolla: to create a unique personal experience that matches the need of the individual to the safest most effective ingredients and combinations for them. All our ingredients are certified organic, formulated with a dermatologist and fine-tuned with machine learning technology.

Before launching their skin health app Atolla would like to offer their Skin Lab experience to people in the NYC health and beauty community who would be interested in their precision skin diagnostic and a custom-made product created on the spot! Atolla will be popping up at 251 Elizabeth Street New York, NY, Juy 25 – 29, 2018.

251 Elizabeth

July 25 – 29, 11 am – 9 pm

Launch Party: July 25, 6-8 pm