APRIL 27, 2017 to
MAY 14, 2017
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Adam Foldes: In 5 Years

Parasol Projects @ 208 Bowery


IN 5 YEARS is an exploration of time and memory, and the tensions and expectations that surround them:

We measure them; we cut them; we stretch them; we compress them; we look to them for clues, yet ignore their prophesies; we seek answers from them; we correct them; we chip away at them; we capture them; we record them; we love them; we lose them; we forget them; we weigh them; we give them disproportionate weight; we package them; we frame them; we reference them; we use them; we apply them; we incorporate them; we materialize them; we study them; we fear them; we access them; we blur them; we carve them; we build them; we plan them; we return to them; we beg from them more; we share them; we judge them; we exercise them; we waste them; we nurture them; we celebrate them; we save them; we document them; we carry them with us, however heavy the weight; we test them; we distort them; we reflect upon them; we cherish them; we challenge them; and we succumb to them.

They invigorate us; they box us in; they fail us; they free us; they propel us; they limit us; they race us for knowledge; they measure our knowledge; they erase our knowledge; they give us reference points; they weigh on us; they demand disproportionate attention from us; they anchor us to our past; they paint  our imagined future; they make us relevant, and irrelevant; they control us; they open new doors, while shutting others; they humor us; they abandon us; they test us; they are used to test us; they empower us; they embolden us; they give us opportunity; they make us more humane; they serve us elixirs and antidotes, and allow us to heal; they haunt us; they pressure us; they refuse us; they dismiss us; they organize us; they set forth goal posts, and rip them down; they distort us; they infuse our senses; they inform our decisions; and they take us.

The exhibit consists of twelve independent pieces and a confessional space where guests can privately record thoughts about their own future.


IN 5 YEARS is an invitation to interact with an archive of ideas, commitments, clues, social issues, error, joy, absence, and dreams preserved from 2012.  It asks us to be gentler with ourselves and each other, because our knowledge, perspectives, and interpretations ‘today’ will more than likely shift or be altered ‘tomorrow’. It hopes to evoke collective memory, joy, and reflection, welcoming you just to be. The exhibit also offers each guest the option to interact and participate: the private recordings made in the confessional space will be archived and organized in a confidential manner, and will be incorporated into a future installation; each recording will also be sent or made available to each participant on an individual basis, in five years from the date of recording. Thank you for coming.



Adam is drawn to work that identifies, examines, documents, shares, celebrates and protects the human condition. His creative efforts are primarily with theatre, film, and writing; IN 5 YEARS is his first visual arts exhibition and foray into inviting interactive public participation with his work. Adam holds a J.D. from Texas Law, The University of Texas at Austin and a B.S.F.S in Culture & Politics from Georgetown University’s Walsh School of Foreign Service.



Maya Foldes [IN 5 YEARS exhibit director; interior designer, project manager], in overseeing and directing the implementation of the exhibit [www.mayafoldes.com];

Zak Ostrowski [partner at PUNCH Architecture], in taking the concepts behind the interactive, documentary space and materializing them into a tangible vision for what we could build [www.puncharc.comwww.zodiabula.com];

Emma Piper-Burket [visual artist, filmmaker and writer], in providing audio-digital advice and creative feedback for the interactive, documentary space at the exhibit [www.emmapiperburket.com]; and

Parasol Projects [Team], in working with us and maintaining a positive, constructive approach to the process [www.parasolprojects.com].



Lalitha Gopalan [professor of film, artist, friend, and mentor], for how she honors the beauty and impact of imagery, art, and film when exploring the human experience [academic biokennedy center]; and

Alexandra Bassiakou-Shaw [www.alexandrabassiakoushaw.com], Joanna Garner [www.joannagarner.com], and Patrick Shaw [www.newplayexchange.org/users/3468/patrick-shaw] for each setting moving examples of how to share a story; collaborating; and working with trust and joy.

Sophia Brittan of  Victory Garden [chef] for sharing a culinary adventure and such thoughtful, masterful, nostalgic flavors through her catering of the opening to IN 5 YEARS at 208 Bowery.

Gabe Valle and the Gabe Valle Trio [led by Gabe Valle, joined by Adam Lomeo/Guitar & Ian Kenselaar/Upright Bass]; for giving everyone beautiful music and imbuing the IN 5 YEARS gallery space with joy at our opening on April 27th.