Lower East Side
02/16/2018 - 02/21/2018

About the Pop Up


art will not be a statement
art will not be the artist
art will not become art when shown in an art context
art will not match the couch or tie the room together
art will not make you rich
art will not be up for auction 
art will not question, interrogate, transform, subvert or displace 
art will not draw its inspiration from nor will it raise awareness of
art will not be meta-, post-, para-, neo-, counter-, proto-, or crypto-
art will not be a book
art will not be new because it uses new technologies 
art will not be virtual
art will not heal
art will not have any gender or race
art will not solve the immigration crisis
art will not start a revolution

We are artists and we invite you to come see what we do.

Introducing: Alexander Wiederin, Alexis Dahan, Bryan Cardo, Furen Dai, Jamie Diamond, Justin Giunta, Paul Sévigny, Rishad Mistri, & Yumiko Ono


thursday January 18th at 9 pm =  CONCERT
An Indie Rock band from New York City

friday January 19th at 6 pm = TALK
Misuse of the word in art and culture today
with artists Jamie Diamond and Furen Dai, moderated by Kinga Rajzak

saturday January 20th at 9 pm = CONCERT
Electronic Psychedelic band from Hudson, NY

Jan 16 – 21 / 10am-6pm
Opening Reception: January 16 / 6 pm to 9 pm


2 Rivington Street

Lower East Side, 550 SQFT