Sol Summers: Studies on Influence

10/22/2019 - 10/27/2019

About the Pop Up

Sol Summers: Studies on Influence @ 171 Elizabeth 
October 22 – 27, 2019  |  9 am – 7 pm
VIP Reception: October 25th |  4 pm – 7 pm
Opening Reception: October 26th |  6 pm – 9 pm 

About the exhibition:
In “Studies on Influence” Sol’s canon revolves around characters with powerful historical narratives. In describing this show, Sol reflects:

“I’ve seen the people who make good artists, good observers
They tread lightly, have a calming presence,
Ability to enter states of deep focus,
But they are generally removed
Leveraging the benefit of distance
Able to reflect on the subject
There’s a kind of duality to it.
Whereas I wanted to make paintings from the inside,
Overwhelming sensation of being inside of a car as it’s tumbling down a ravine
The stimuli of the world so much you can’t take it all in.
A good painting is like a nuclear siren,
Something undeniable.
An alarm to wake us up from the slumber of almost living.
Break the ice and plunge us into the freezing lake.”

About the artist:
Sol Summers is an LA-based artist who focuses on large modern impressionist paintings. Juxtaposing seemingly nonsensical components, his work offers viewers new perspectives and facilitates the process of self-discovery.

Sol has always been artistically inclined, which can be attributed to his upbringing. His grandmother was the lead opera instructor at BYU, and his father was a child prodigy pianist, soloing with the Boston pops when he was 12, and winning The National Piano Guild Gui Maier award when he was 16. Curious about physics, classical literature, and mathematics, Sol is a voracious reader. He brings a nuanced understanding of the natural world to the canvas, creating elegant compositions that mirror natural laws. Describing his process, Sol says: “When I’m painting really well, I’m not necessarily in a state of flow – but it feels like there is a force painting through me, like I’m an instrument of something larger than myself.”

Sol attended the Rhode Island School of Design for one year before leaving to fully devote himself to painting. He has been working in LA since 2017.

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Sol Summers: Studies on Influence

171 Elizabeth

Willamsburg, 400 SQFT