Human Inside

Lower East Side
01/20/2022 - 01/23/2022

About the Pop Up

Human Inside @ 2 Rivington
January 20 – 23 2022 |  10am – 8pm

An exhibition of painting, sculpture and performance by Brooklyn based artist Michael Conroy.

Behind all art is a human that is drawing from ones self and others around them. To look at art is to look at a human. Conroy wants not only to look at the human figure but also engage with habitat, physical space, location and occupation.

Explore these elements that cause us to have a perception or judgment about what type of human may fill that role or live in that space.

The questions posed, Can we challenge ourselves to to dig deeper into the essence of humanity? Can we not apply our predisposed assumptions of gender, identity, class and all social components that hold us in a place to make one’s surface the determining factor of who we think they are?

Through paintings, sculpture and performance , using recognizable phrases, objects and materials it forces these questions to be experienced in multiple ways, mirroring our social interactions. Calling for connectivity and empathy. To look at the internal before external.

Contact info
Instagram: @mconroyart


Human Inside

2 Rivington Street

Lower East Side, 550 SQFT