Friends of Bezalel: Materialness

Lower East Side
01/28/2020 - 02/02/2020

About the Pop Up

Friends of Bezalel: Materialness @ 213 Bowery St
January 28 – February 2, 2020  |  11 am – 7 pm

EVENT: “Materialness” — Transformative Art – U.S. Premiere

WHAT: Artists explore the meaning and identity of the natural materials around us as a base for creation in “Materialness” – an art installation premiering in New York City. Materialness investigates the effects and ramifications, both positive and negative, of the earth’s natural resources and the process on the environment, both on the social- consumer level and the physical-environmental level. Artists representing Jerusalem’s
oldest art institution — the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design — will present 60 original works based on natural earth elements as they grow and transform, including some “living” pieces. The materials range from bacterial cellulose and fungus to cultured pearls and volcanic rock. The pieces may be purchased, with many available for under $500 USD.

WHO: Artists include Adi Farber, Anaelle AA, Maavan Fima, Natalie Feldesman, Arial Lavian, and Nitzotz Saranga. The installation is curated by Ariel Lavian, who earned a B.A. in Jewelry and Fashion and a master's degree in industrial design from the Bezalel Academy. His works are exhibited in many exhibitions and collections in Israel and internationally.

The Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem is one of the world’s most prestigious art schools. The Bezalel Academy is synonymous with over a century of innovation and excellence and provides academic preparation and professional training to over 2,500 undergraduate and graduate students, with a wide range of degrees in art, architecture, and design.


Contact info:
IG: @bezalefriends
FB: @BezaleFriends


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Friends of Bezalel: Materialness

213 Bowery

Lower East Side, 900 SQFT