Asian Society of Arts: In Time/Out of Place

Lower East Side
11/21/2017 - 11/26/2017

About the Pop Up

Asian Society of Arts presents a group exhibition “In time/Out of Place,” curated by Katya Grokhovsky, which explores alienation and ephemerality of time and place, through video, animation, prints, digital art, illustrations and architectural propositions. Contemplating the inescapable physical temporality of human life and promise of site, “In Time/Out of Place” suggests anxiously utopian, restless yet optimistically futuristic view of the world. The selected international artists investigate aspects of our realities, proposing alternative structures, decentralizing constructs of identity, geography and habitat through a variety of mediums and techniques.

Artists: Munjer HashimMaiko KikuchiHarshad MaratheKohei UrakamiJerri WeiXiaoye XingJian Yi

2 Rivington St
Nov 21 – 26
Opening Reception: November 22 / 6-8pm
Closing Reception: November 26 / 6-8pm with performances by Anna Tsukervanik and Katya Grokhovsky at 7pm

Asian Society of Arts: In Time/Out of Place

2 Rivington Street

Lower East Side, 550 SQFT