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How to Decorate and Furnish Your Pop Up Shop

Search “Pop Up shops” online, and it will return hundreds of images of Pop Ups in all shapes and sizes. Each of them is unique and appealing in its own way. These aesthetically pleasing and inspirational Pop Up designs leave you feeling eager and thrilled at the prospect of finally putting your Pop Up shop ideas into action.

After finding a Pop Up shop space, the next step is designing and layout your Pop Up’s interior. We will walk you through the process from consideration to purchase. To start off, think about the purpose of your Pop Up and how you will measure success. You will also want to evaluate how a Pop Up’s decor and layout contribute to visitors’ experience.

How to Design & Decorate a Pop Up Shop - The Kitchen by W&P Design

Home Decor Pop Up Shop by W&P Design, The Kitchen at 171 Elizabeth St

How to Decorate & Design a Pop Up Shop - Ben's Cookies

Cookie Store Pop Up by Ben’s Cookies at 171 Elizabeth St

What Type of Pop Up Will You Host?

First, what type of experience are you seeking for your Pop Up? Are you planning to open a standard retail shop? If not, perhaps you are looking to host something more interactive, such as a temporary restaurant or demo space.

For example, the equipment and props you need for a clothing store Pop Up would differ from an art gallery or Pop Up event. Depending on the theme, this step can involve very detailed and specialized approaches to decor and furnishing.

Of course, there may be overlaps between Pop Ups. You may be able to incorporate certain fixtures for all three of them. However, at some point, it becomes more optimal to utilize specialized supplies and tools to achieve the look and feel you seek to impart with your Pop Up.

Lastly, it is also beneficial to consider before decorating whether or not you anticipate future Pop Ups. If you are, we recommend repurposing existing furniture or props from your inventory. Keep it simple by adhering to your brand colors and emphasizing your product or service.

How Decor and Layout Impact a Pop Up Experience

Immersion is one of the biggest key factors to the success of your Pop Up. You want to make the best impression in front of first-time customers and deliver an unforgettable experience to your existing clientele. While you likely cannot convert all of them into loyal followers overnight, take advantage of this opportunity to leverage your Pop Up to achieve both.

Remember, your Pop Up’s foot traffic is also composed of customers who have never heard of or engaged with your brand. In other words, they have neither been made aware of your Pop Up through marketing and PR efforts, nor are they part of your existing customer base. You want the outer appearance of your Pop Up to draw the attention of curious passersby. At the same time, your decor and layout should exceed their expectations and evoke an everlasting impression of your brand.

Parasol Projects advises clients to invest in specific decor or equipment, including Point-of-Sales (POS) systems, display cases/shelving, pedestals, bulletin boards, customizable signs, and wall decor. Anything durable, easy to set up, install, take apart, and put away, and versatile is preferable.

A quality Pop Up agency will offer in-house design services and basic furniture rentals to help with concept ideation and execution. Research the clients they typically work with to get an idea of what they can help you with. If you look at the Pop Up interiors of their clients, you will start seeing a pattern with the decor. Hence, saving you time and energy – especially if you fit their client profile and are new to the Pop Up game.

How to Decorate & Design a Pop Up - Tushy POO~POURRI POP-UP

Interactive + Informative Pop Up by Tushy & Poo~Pourri at 208 Bowery


Pop Ups allow you to step outside of your business model and expand your current audience. Do not be afraid to unleash your brand’s creative potential. Remember that more is less when decorating and furnishing your Pop Up. Prioritize function over form when designing its look and layout. Feel free to draw additional inspiration from our portfolio of past client work.