How to Prepare for a Pop Up Shop: FAQs to Ask Your Agency

Parasol Projects - How to Prepare for a Pop Up - Bailey's Pop Up 2022

You’ve decided your brand or business wants to experiment with Pop Up retail or a special activation, but now what? Read on for a resource from our expert team that outlines frequently asked questions sourced from prior clients starting out.

How much do your spaces cost?

Parasol Projects work hard to make sure we have the most competitive Pop Up rental rates in New York City. Depending on the location and the season, booking rates are adjustable. Ensure you receive the most accurate pricing by reaching out to our team for a custom quote and to get an overview of spaces’ availability.

Your prices are out of my budget, what can I do?

While we try to keep our prices competitive, we understand the rising costs of all of New York City’s real estate can be outside the budget for smaller emerging galleries, artists, and brands. As an alternative to renting space by yourself, we encourage interested individuals to reach out for a custom quote for the offseason (January – March). It is a great way to still have access to our high traffic spaces at a conveniently lower price.

Do you provide marketing support?

We have grown a community of thousands of arts, fashion, technology, and media lovers and professionals, represented on our mailing list and social media accounts. We are always more than happy to share any promotional material that you send our way with our audience. We deliver our content by means of a monthly newsletter, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts. Our newsletters and blogs highlight featured shops including marketing events and space photography.

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Is insurance necessary?

Yes, every renter must be covered by liability insurance. This is to protect you during the length of your stay. If you do not already have this, it is easy to attain and very affordable. Upon signing, we will provide you with details of our recommended insurance providers.

Am I allowed to host an event?

Yes, all of our spaces are well suited for special events as part of a broader Pop Up retail experience or a one-off. Specific capacities, hours of operation, and regulations vary by location. For example, tenants are able to host one-time events, such as launch parties or some other private event, during a lease.

Parasol Projects - Art Pop Up - Joaquim Salim - Fake Smile - Opening Reception
Opening Reception of the Fake Smile Art Exhibition by Joaquim Salim

If you anticipate organizing an event at some point, please let us know so that we can help identify the most appropriate rental property.

Will your staff be present during our lease?

No, when you assume the lease of the space, the gallery is yours. However, our team is always available should any issues arise.

What are the minimum and maximum lengths of stay?

Our typical rental cycle is a weekly one, with move-in on Tuesdays at 10:00 AM and move-out the following Monday at 12:00 PM. There is no maximum duration for your stay as long as we have the availability to accommodate your needed dates. We do make occasional exceptions to the weekly cycle, depending on the dates and the project – just reach out and ask!

Your current locations do not suit my needs, can you still help?

Yes, we have relationships with and insights into an extended network of spaces throughout New York and London. We are happy to help you find something better suited to your specific requirements and aspirations. As a first step, please contact us with a description of what you are looking for, and we will then set up a time to discuss the appropriate next steps.