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How to Promote a Pop Up Shop

Good ideas often get tucked away in the dark recesses of our mental hard drives, filed in the folders of “things I will do someday” and “if I had a million dollars I would…” Pop Up stores are the essence of enterprising entrepreneurial opportunities, and they are the perfect option for dreamers who are doers.

Pop Up stores are low-risk retail establishments with a built-in expiration date. If you have a business or product idea you want to test out or a brand you want to embolden, these options are way more affordable than a brick-and-mortar store. They also come with a lot less red tape, such as frustrating leases and unpleasant landlords. Above all, they’re a lot more fun—Pop Up stores are designed to create a buzz, stir the imagination of potential customers, and be an experience.

How to Promote a Pop Up Shop

Parasol Pop Ups are strategically located in NYC at prime intersections of coolness and commerce. The key to remember is that walk-ins via high foot traffic are a bonus. To make this a meaningful marketing endeavor, you need to ensure you have the right systems in place to drive traffic to your Pop Up. A free flow or a prime time isn’t seasonal—all the months have value and are priced accordingly. Here is a list of quick tips we think will help make your Pop Up truly pop.

Leverage Partnerships

Don’t go it alone—strength comes in numbers. Reach out to similarly-spirited brands and local organizations to bolster your Pop Ups visibility. Offer cross-pollination options to sweeten the deal.

Take It Onscreen and to the Streets—Focus on Both On-and Offline Means of Promotion

  • Online Methods: Social media posts, PPC ads, email newsletters, posts to media outlets (Patch.​com, Nextdoor), and influencer engagements
  • Offline Methods: Reach out to local or regional newspapers, hire a publicist, stir up word-of-mouth buzz, launch SMS campaigns (if you have an existing customer list with numbers), or go old-school with fliers.

Collaborate with Influencers or Adjacent Brands

Sometimes this can be as simple as a direct message, and an exchange of a free product. Take a chance on a simple request—you never know until you ask!

Ways to Measure Success

  • The number of visitors is a key KPI
  • Number and types of social media mentions identified on relevant platforms
  • Number of media hits and website visitors after a Pop Up
  • Increase in sales or brand recognition post-Pop Up

Parasol Projects - How to Promote a Pop Up Shop Infographic


The Pop Up phenomenon has become a potent marketing tool in modern retail culture. A brand can Pop Up for a short time with an exciting immersive experience, bolster visibility and/or sales, and then duck back online and enjoy an influx of business. Parasol Projects is an all-in partner, there for you when you need to amplify brand awareness, test out a product, or reach new customers. With our resources and these tips, you should enjoy success beyond your temporary establishment. Remember, Pop Ups may be fleeting, but their impact should be long-lasting.