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Pop Up Stories: Scripts Re-Imagined

Have you ever imagined a Pop Up art exhibition with your favorite movie scripts transformed into fine art pieces?

That is exactly what Timothy Mendonça has done with his latest multimedia exhibit entitled, scriptART: The Collection Volume One.

Parasol Projects - Pop Up Art Exhibition at Nolita - sriptART by Timothy Mendonça
scriptART Pop Up @ 2 Rivington

Timothy is a New York-based artist, writer, and filmmaker from Newport, Rhode Island.  He attended the University of Rhode Island, graduating with a BA in Arts and Film Media in 2013, but has been involved in the entertainment industry since he was fifteen years old. Around that time he wanted to become an actor. Now we know he didn’t become a Hollywood star (yet), but the pursuit of that dream led him to his current position as the Supervising Production Coordinator for Amazon’s hit TV show, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. Timothy has also worked in other productions you may know like Spider-Man: No Way Home, The Purge: Election Year, Split, Grand Army, and Sneaky Pete.

While working in a time-consuming yet fulfilling job, he hasn’t stopped feeding his artistic spirit and for the past few years he has been creating art pieces inspired by “the screenplays of some of the best shows and films from the past few years.”

Parasol Projects - Pop Up Art Exhibition at Nolita - sriptART by Timothy Mendonça
scriptART Pop Up @ 2 Rivington

In early 2021 he established scriptART, Inc., an art and entertainment firm that seeks to advance in artistic innovation to develop NFTs, contemporary art, and visual art experiences.

The first scriptART multimedia collection debuted this past November in New York City, with The Collection’s Volume One in our contemporary gallery space at 2 Rivington.

In this exhibit, you could see paintings and sculptures inspired by the scripts of Emmy’s award-winning series The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel and Ted Lasso, Oscar-winning films The Shape of Water, Get Out, Crash, and more.

Parasol Projects - Pop Up Art Exhibition at Nolita - sriptART by Timothy Mendonça
scriptART Pop Up @ 2 Rivington

We had the pleasure of doing a quick but enjoyable interview with Timothy to get to know more about scriptArt:

Parasol Projects: How did you get the idea for creating a work of art based on scripts? Do you have any references in the art world for this innovative idea?

Timothy: From the moment you start in this industry you realize that the script is one of the most important pieces to every show. It’s the blueprint to the entire production. I wondered what could be accomplished by transforming that blueprint into other forms of art. The goal is to celebrate the narrative through different mediums of art to elevate a feeling, character, tone, or moment in the story.

My hope is to create beautiful art experiences, inspired by visionary screenplays, that add to the impact of original material. I’m excited to finally introduce the world to scriptART.

Parasol Projects - Book your Pop Up

What motivated you to found scriptART? Are you planning on changing careers?

The idea for scriptART originated during a high school art class. It has been marinating for about thirteen years now. The stars continued to align for me over that time and I thought – if not now, when? So, I decided to take the leap.

I don’t see this as changing career paths – but I do see it as an opportunity to combine the industries of art and film to create an ever-evolving career of many possibilities. It is always much more beneficial to have your hands on multiple paths to help get you to where you want to be.

Parasol Projects - Pop Up Art Exhibition at Nolita - sriptART by Timothy Mendonça
scriptART Pop Up @ 2 Rivington

What are your plans for the future? Can we expect a Volume Two?

Let’s just say this was just the beginning. There is much more to come!

How was your experience popping up with Parasol Projects? Would you repeat it?

The space at 2 Rivington was the perfect place to release this collection! I’m very thankful for the support of Parasol Projects.

scriptArt reel


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scriptArt Contact Information

Website: wwwscriptartcollection.com
Instagram: @scriptartcollection

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