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Pop Up Stories: Love Yourself

A very intimate event Popped Up in our charming boutique at 173 Elizabeth this past October. Entitled Love Yourself, Rue du Paradis invited us to dive into the world of bespoke lingerie.

“Love Yourself” by Rue du Paradis @ 173 Elizabeth
Fanny Karaman @ 173 Elizabeth

Fanny Karaman, who was born in Germany, is a half French half Turkish attorney and entrepreneur, based in Brooklyn. Previously to becoming a lawyer, she studied Fashion and Apparel Design and Sewing at the Esmod School of Art and Fashion in France.

This passion for creating beautiful pieces of clothing re flourished in 2016 when she decided to found Rue du Pardis, named after the charming Parisian street “Rue de Paradis”.

She is a woman of great creative taste with strong values, and as explained in her own words, Rue du Paradis was created around three pillars: Self Love, Sustainability, and Solidarity. A strong foundation for a brand that wants to change our wrong stereotyped perception of “beauty”.

With this objective in mind, Fanny launched her first Pop Up store, transforming our white box space into a beautiful and cozy ‘tailor shop’ for her customers, filled with rolls of French lace, flowers, and of course her working station with her sewing machine.

Messages of self-love such as “Love Yourself”, “I’m worthy”, “I’m complete”, and “I love me” were displayed all over the place. Fanny said that she dreams of “a world where all individuals embrace and love themselves for who they truly are.”

“Love Yourself” by Rue du Paradis @ 173 Elizabeth
“Love Yourself” by Rue du Paradis @ 173 Elizabeth

During the month she stayed with Parasol Projects, Fanny revealed the behind-the-scenes of high-end lingerie manufacturing. Along with her customers she designed and created unique and custom pieces of beautiful bespoke lingerie. She also hosted two other female-owned brands she personally is a fan of: Elastique Athletics and Juliette.Design.

About her experience Popping Up with Parasol ProjectsFanny mentioned that it was amazing:

“It validated my concept, I met tons of great individuals (whether customers or not), got a substantial amount of orders from total strangers in and even landed an article in the press! I would love to repeat this experience […] in order to allow those customers who want me to take their measurements to be able to meet me in person. In any event: you guys have been great every single step of the way. Thank you for everything, for the warm welcome and the prompt attention to all my questions.”

“Love Yourself” by Rue du Paradis @ 173 Elizabeth
“Love Yourself” by Rue du Paradis @ 173 Elizabeth

When asked about the future plans for her brand she said that her dream is to start hiring internally and locally to make sure that her employees are fairly treated and paid.

“Since I am half Turkish, I would also like to have part of my production in Turkey in the long term. The dream would be to hire women to enable them to have financial freedom, pay them fairly and contribute to their children’s education. This is a dream of course but I hope that one day, my customers and I will be able to make it come true.”

In the meantime, Rue de Paradis is donating to two non-for-profit organizations that provide assistance to women that are domestic violence survivors.

Rue du Paradis contact information

Website: www.rueduparadislingerie.com
Instagram: @rueduparadislingerie
Facebook: @rueduparadis

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