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Pop Up Stories: Good Vibes Only

This past September we had a rather special Pop Up at 2 Rivington.

Just as the fall started, Mary Kathryn Medlock came to uplift our spirit with an immersive art experience – “The Pink Passport” Pop Up – which featured high vibe curated events designed to inspire.

LOVEMKM Pop Up at Nolita
Mary Kathryn Medlock @ 2 Rivington

Mary Kathryn is a multi-disciplinary artist based in Brooklyn, NYC. She studied Fashion Merchandising at the University of Arkansas. After several years working as a Manager in the fashion industry, she started feeling stuck in a career that didn’t make her happy so she reinvented herself and created “LOVEMKM”, a lifestyle brand, which means “made with love, from Mary Kathryn Medlock”.

MK describes herself as a process artist, meaning that the execution, flow, and emotions of what she is making are as significant as the finished piece itself. She explores multiple mediums, encaustic, printmaking, textile and digital designs, and street art paste-ups that can be spotted all over the world. The pieces she makes “will bring joy, and transmit high vibes of light frequencies to all who views.”

A gallery curator once said, “MK brings a pink energy and light to everything she makes”. She was honored by this since that’s exactly what she wanted to share with the world through her art: “Positive feelings of love with each and every glance.” Perhaps that’s why she called her Pop Up “The Pink Passport” and that was what you could see in this exhibition: original art with strokes, textures and bright vibrant colors infused with “very joyous, loving, creative energy”.

Parasol: What feedback did you receive about doing a Pop Up that combines an art exhibition with high vibe curated events? Do you have plans to do it again?

Mary: For me, my spiritual side goes with my creative practice, my Art side. They seem like different worlds, the woo woo of esoteric spirituality, like reading Numerology or Energetic Activations, and the Art world, but in many ways they intersect. In this exhibition I wanted to combine them, and it worked! People from the Art community and the Spiritual community came together for these events, some of them for the first time! I had some Art colleagues who were first time in a healing Sound Bath, conversely some of the people who came to the Healing Sound Bath, had not spent much time in Art Galleries so it was cool! I like to mix it up, and I’m not afraid to try new concepts!

I do have plans to do it again! This time, I’m taking the Art and High vibe on the road! I’m actually hosting a weekend Retreat in Tulum, Mexico, February 2022, that is all about the Joie De Vivre, the Joy of Being Alive! It’s an Ascended, Activated, Artful, totally unique experience to saturate your senses, develop your self-love, and drop you into your Soul’s abundance, it’s a celebration of living your Best life.

LOVEMKM Pop Up at Nolita
Mary Kathryn Medlock @ 2 Rivington

Parasol: What is your advice for artists that want to do their first Pop Up?

Mary: Just do it! It’s so empowering to produce your own Pop-Up,and not as hard as one might think! Plus, Parasol makes it so easy! The space came in pristine condition, and the entire team had great communication with me, helping me out with any extras, all I had to do was “Pinkify” the place and that was the fun part! I’m used to being in my studio in Brooklyn, which is super cool, but it’s a whole new vibe curating a white box space in the city. I loved having a new exciting space to host my existing colleagues and collectors, and attract new ones! I interacted with so many people and I just loved hosting them! It was totally amazing and after my retreat, I will most definitely Pop Up with Parasol again!

Parasol: If you could create an art exhibition with one artist that also transmits good vibes, who would it be?

Mary: Wow, this is a great question! I’ve actually been in some group shows with some incredible NYC based colleagues who are all about that Good Vibe! I can’t narrow it down to one person, but I’ll put that out into the Universe to manifest a good collaboration! I do love working in Partnerships!

Parasol: How does spiritual ascension affect your process of creating art? Would you recommend it to other artists?

Mary: My spiritual Ascension is the REASON I make Art, and my Art is the reason I continue to Ascend. My creative practice is in the frequency of my Soul’s blueprint, whereas, my corporate job, was really not anymore, and through my process of raising my consciousness, I became more aligned to my truer self, my Artist self, and currently I’m pushing myself even further into my Leadership by launching my Retreat, a new way to be more hands on with Inspiring people.

I totally encourage any other Artists, and basically humans in general to think about the concept of Ascending to higher levels of consciousness, as a Spiritual Practice. Learn how to operate, live life,out of willingness, courage, gratitude, love and joy, some of the higher frequencies to exist in, as opposed to some of the lower ones we Humans tend to get stuck in, we really do make things harder on ourselves when we get stuck in lower energies.

LOVEMKM Pop Up at Nolita
Mary Kathryn Medlock @ 2 Rivington

There are many tools to work your way to higher consciousness and I use my creative practice many times to shift my energetic field, a lot of my earlier paintings had kinda dark titles like “OMG,WTF” or “Broken” and that was me working through myself on the canvas, I really enjoyed those days of just raw emotion running through my creativity.

Parasol: What plans do you have for “LOVEMKM” in the near the future?

Mary: Ah, another great question! I’d love to do a Fashion Collaboration in the future, I think that would be a very big dream realized! So… uh if Gucci is reading, yall feel free to look me up. 😉 I always want to keep Creating, keep expressing myself with my Art, curating High Vibe Spaces, Events, and living my life in Freedom and Joy, I kinda love what shows up when I’m inspired and going with the flow, let’s see what happens!

LOVEMKM contact information

Website: lovemkm.com
Instagram: @lovemkm

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