POP-UP STORIES: Mind, Body, & Fashion

Making a wardrobe sustainable, comfortable, yet still fashionable starts with a simple commitment: opting for ethically engineered garbs with a sense of design mapped onto skin-friendly breathable fabrics, a mission Seek Collective has set out to achieve a few years ago.

Seek Collective @ 2 Rivington
Seek Collective @ 2 Rivington

Carol Miltimore, the founder of Seek Collective, wanted to create a brand with a sustainable fair-trade shtick to its title so the lifecycle of production would be transparent. Miltimore’s years spent in the upper echelons of the fashion universe helped her to understand the essence of garment design, but also led her to identify the loopholes in the luxury industry.

“Sustainability is our key priority,” said Julia Fischer, a fellow “Seeker” who joined the design team in January. “I think these days for everyone it is a sort of natural progression to consider where their clothes come from.”

Seek Collective @ 2 Rivington
Seek Collective @ 2 Rivington

The company works from their Brooklyn headquarters and sources produce their garments in India while making sure that their workers are “paid well above the local average.”

Setting up shop with Parasol Projects is their first experiment with a pop-up in the busy Soho neighborhood.

“We love New York, so we wanted to do something unusual involving the city,” says the Kansas-born Fischer. “That’s why we have these #SeekStaycation shopping bundles instore that come with a New York experience.”

Seek Collective @ 2 Rivington
Mikaela Ringquist & Julia Fischer @ 2 Rivington

The three #SeekStaycation packages give a significant discount to customers if they buy two or more garments and on top of the price markdowns get a free event in the city. The gratis possibilities across town are pampering self-care, a cultural outing or a groovy night out depending on the selected bundle. Plus every combination guarantees a free entry into the Rubin Museum.

“The fast-fashion bubble is ready to pop,” says Fischer, proudly showing the Seek merchandise. “Slow, thoughtful fashion is the way forward.”

2 Rivington St / October 2-7, 2018 | 11 am – 8 pm

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