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Pop-Up Stories: A New Kind of Business Model for PR

Pop-ups are often associated with retail as they represent a solution for brands to open a store without the weight of a long-term lease. With independent artists, popping-up a temporary exhibition is a realistic alternative to the dream of gallery representation, but there are also other forms of pop-ups that we’d like to explore.

Echos Pop-Up @ 208 Bowery

Founded in 2009, the multi-city based brand communication agency, Echos, set-up shop at Parasol Project’s 208 Bowery location last July. We sat down with founder and CEO, Rob Reedy, to learn more about what popping-up represents for his business.

“Our business is integrated with digital and physical that speaks to both media and tastemakers,” he explains, “a pop-up allows our team to create and maintain relationships that are essential for not only our agency but also our partners.”

echos rob
Rob Reedy in front of 208 Bowery

He decided that his agency’s first pop-up experiment would be by-appointmentonly. Rob and his team were thus able to showcase the products from many of the different outdoor lifestyle brands the agency represents. Members of the media and relevant tastemakers were given time and space to peruse through bags, bicycles, running shoes, water container, apparel, tripods, motorcycle jackets, helmets, and even energy supplements among other products on display.

Echos Pop-Up @ 208 Bowery

“I’ve been around pop-ups, showrooms and everything in between for a long time so coming into the Parasol camp was a seamless transition,” Reedy reports, “what made the experience amazing was the level of commitment Parasol gave to our team. We loved it every minute of the experience.”

When asked if he’d consider popping-up again, his answer was straight to the point: “It is now part of our business model and will continue every year.”

Echos show is open until July 22th. 

208 Bowery / July 16, 2018 | 11 am – 8 pm

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