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Pop-Up Stories: Lingerie + Feminism

As society acknowledges a legitimate challenge to the patriarchy in the wake of the “#metoo movement,” the Turkish lingerie brand Else has teamed up with photographer Emine Gozde Sevim to launch the social campaign #LikeNoOneElse on August 1st, at Parasol Projects – 208 Bowery pop-up shop location in New York City.  

LikeNoOneElse 208 Bowery

Also from Turkey, but based in New York, Sevim studied Sociology and International Relations in addition to photography at Bard College. She explains, “all of my work is of documentary nature. Else was looking to do a social campaign and a PR agent suggested my name. It was a perfect match.” 

LikeNoOneElse 208 Bowery

Understandably, the lingerie brand wanted to speak out on behalf of women’s rights. Particularly because of the fact that not only was the organization founded by a woman, Ela Onur, but also because the merchandise itself is made for women, by women from the hands of a workforce composed of 90% females.  It also comes as no surprise that lingerie can be a problematic domain for feminism. After all, the majority of non-nude images accused of objectifying the female body often show women wearing only lingerie. These stereotypes are hard to ignore and can make it easy to associate lingerie with the dominating power of the male gaze. However, as Sevim puts it, “lingerie is always for women, we do things ourselves.” 

LikeNoOneElse 208 Bowery

Sevim was given “carte blanche” by Else. Through doing so she gathered six subjects and portrayed them through classic black and white photographs as well as intimately filmed conversations about their experience of femininity. These long interviews were then edited for the project which the artist commented on stating that “they liked having a say without being famous or being a victim.”

If it weren’t for the subtle hashtag and wall text, it would be difficult to make any connection with the lingerie brand behind the project. Its result is a calm and quiet journey into the lives of six women. We look forward to seeing where the project will progress from here. 

208 Bowery / August 1, 2018 | 7 pm – 9 pm


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