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Pop-Up Stories:”Stoffà” brings a showroom experience into a pop-up space.

Stoffà (Italian for cloth) is a made-to-measure menswear brand founded in 2014 by designer Agyesh Madan. Don’t cast around for an online outlet or retail store to purchase Stoffà. The brand operates only out of trunk shows. In New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Stockholm and London lucky customers can visit the label’s temporary stores, choose a style of trousers and outerwear and have their measurements taken right there and then. Following production in Italy that lasts usually about two to three weeks the perfect suede flight jacket corresponding to seasonal hues and design will be created and ready to be scooped up in the very same city.

Stoffa Pop-up at Parasol Projects: 208 Bowery, April 2018

Hard to believe? Madan has done it. He has merged the classical luxury of tailoring with modern styles and a fast turnaround without sacrificing quality. Perhaps the years spent developing products at Isaia, the uber classical Neapolitan tailoring brand has taught him a thing or two about style and custom-made apparel. But that’s not the only thing: one peek into his pop-up store clearly indicates that Stoffà is its own universe. Tan leather, navy cotton, soft beige suede, you name it; the entire color palette of a minimalist abstract painter is mapped onto the garments and finds its way into the furniture, plants, and artworks decorating the pop-up store.

Stoffa Pop-up at Parasol Projects: 208 Bowery, April 2018

There is an immediate feeling of consistency between the shapes of the flight jackets and the fit of the trousers. While the overall style is strong, its main characteristic is to be “understated”. At times it echoes the work of Adam Kimmel, classic and simple in appearance, yet modern and sophisticated in style.

The idea of timelessness in fashion is found in Stoffà’s five outerwear options, two coats, and three jackets, using descriptive names like “Flight Jacket” and “Asymmetric Coat”. It reminds us of the early Martin Margiela replicas where a classical item is taken out from its cultural context (for example: “leather perfecto” from the 50’s found in Boston, a “Mackintosh coat” from Scotland, or a 60’s “varsity bomber jacket” from St Louis) and then recreated as a high fashion icon with a name.

Stoffa Pop-up at Parasol Projects: 208 Bowery, April 2018

The Stoffà man is not here to stand out, he knows who he is, what he wants and doesn’t like to show off. Indicated by Stoffà’s dreamy photo campaigns, this man is in total harmony with his natural environment, in fact, he would easily fit into an Agnes Martin exhibition.

If you want your outfit to scream: “I exist!!!” while also making sure you don’t get run over by a car while driving your CitiBike, Stoffà is not for you. But if you are fond of attention to detail, excellent customer care, and timeless design then be sure to swing by the next Stoffà trunk show here in New York at Parasol Projects’ 208 Bowery pop-up from May 16th to May 20th.

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