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Pop-Up Stories: Indego Africa is Building An Ethical World by Women.

Year of the woman? What would happen if we chose women every day? Indego Africa shows us by establishing an ethical world by women.

Indego Africa is not just your average no name, mass-produced, replica “exotic goods” brands. Driven by quality and recognition, Indego Africa is a movement that focuses on highlighting women and craftsmanship from its origination. Founded over 10 years ago on the foundation of providing women and children with the necessary tools to impact and elevate their communities, this fair wages brand has created a platform that not only exposes the unique skills of this community but also makes an international impact. Since its founding, the brand has expanded its mission to granting these communities with business education and trade programs which helps further enrichment.

Indego Africa Pop-up at Parasol Projects, April 2018.

In chatting with Marketing and Brand manager, Brittany Barb, we’ve learned what the word IMPACT really means at Indego:

What type of impact has Indego Africa had on your own life as well as other women’s lives from your point of view?

Indego Africa is an incredibly supportive and inspiring organization to be a part of. On a personal level, it has allowed me to become a more conscious consumer. I truly believe in changing the game of artisan-made goods and I want people to know that they can buy beautiful, well-made products without making ethical compromises (particularly in the apparel and design industry).

From the perspective of our artisan partners in Rwanda and Ghana, the impact has been incredible. They are now able to earn a steady income and provide for their families. They are confident, dedicated, hard-working entrepreneurs who enjoy working with other women in equally supportive environments. Indego has given many of them career paths and opportunities that they simply didn’t have before- and that’s a beautiful mission to work towards!

The world has deemed 2018 the year of the woman. How would you say Indego has helped impact this change and where do you see it steering this movement?

Since Indego’s launch 10 years ago, we’ve always been about girl power! We like to think we have been a steady voice of empowerment for women both in Africa and around the globe. It may be the year of the woman but we’re committed to empowering women for many more years to come!

Can you tell me something about the brand that very few people know and are at the core of its message?

People tend to be surprised to learn that Indego is a non-profit organization. 100% of our profits fund education for the women who handcraft our products and youth in their communities. We run a variety of vocational training and entrepreneurship programs for our artisan partners in both Rwanda and Ghana. We like to think of it as an added bonus to your purchase!

Additionally, what benefits has Indego seen from popping up in NY’s LES, and what made you choose Parasol Projects?

We love popping up with Parasol Projects in LES! It’s a wonderful neighborhood and we love having people discover our brand in person. Parasol has a bunch of great locations to choose from and we’ve been super happy to work with them for the second time.


Indego Africa Pop-up at Parasol Projects, April 2018.

Brand transparency is something we’ve seen recurring within retail for the past decade and a feature that’s seeming less like a trend and more like the future. From brands like Everlane and Arknet, transparency whether it be in production, pricing, design etc., Indego Africa is unequivocally one of the only brands that allow you to follow its product lifecycle from concept to impact.

Outside of its philanthropic actions, the design of each product is what really carries the brand to its multitude of success. The merchandising of the brands pop-up really reflected its clear message to the consumer. Utilizing our open white space at 2 Rivington St., the handcrafted baskets where arranged organically upon the forward facing wall and appeared truly illuminated.


Their products are made from a range of rare organic materials indigenous to Africa and extremely modern in design.


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