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Pop-Up Stories: Archivie Scarves, A First Time Pop-Up Experience.

Archivie Scarves Pops Up with Parasol Projects.

The idiosyncratic brand, Archivie Scarves just held it’s first pop-up in the perfect location, downtown’s ever so romantic Nolita neighborhood. Founded by trade show veteran Anne Liedtka, this well-curated brand offers an assortment of American made, high-quality original designs along with internationally sourced handmade pieces. Each scarf has as much character as it does lineage.  

Anne Liedtka, Founder of Archivie Scarves  

“My goal is to become the Bluemercury of fine textiles and accessories” – Anne Liedtka

When entering Archivie’s pop-up at our 251 Elizabeth Street location I was met with a light airy essence and a smile. New to the pop-up scene, Anne’s space exhaled a refreshing breath of authenticity and charm. The soft delicacy of her pieces draped along the walls and the open layout of her space perfectly captured the essence of the brand’s namesake. Derived from the words “archive”, meaning to collect and the word “vie”, meaning life in French, Archivie will allow you to literally wrap yourself in the soft visions of life.

Anne draws inspiration from the things she sees and admires. The brands most popular design takes the graphic of classic vintage heroins and places it on fine silk textiles. When connecting with Anne, her passion and for scarves and how they can change anyone’s impression of themselves was apparent. This passion lives at the core of Archivie Scarves brand message.

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